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Rego Park Eyeglasses

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Designer Eyeglasses in Rego Park

Rego Park Eyeglasses
Rego Park Eyeglasses

Wearing eyeglasses gives you improved vision, but why not look your best while you’re seeing your best? That’s what our goal is here at Eye Q Optical. And when you come in to see our extensive collection of designer frames, you’ll be thinking more about style than vision correction.

We make it easy to get our Rego Park eyeglasses, because we know that our valued customers have busy schedules. You come in for an eye exam so that our optometrist can determine what your current vision needs are. The appropriate prescription is then provided, which our full-service optical department puts into your eyeglass lenses with accuracy and precise care. While that’s happening, you can take the opportunity to decide on the frames that will go around those lenses. What is most important to you? Comfort it probably high on the list, as it should be. The high quality that goes into the making of our Rego Park eyeglasses ensures that you will like how they feel on you, but to be sure we will fit them to your face. They won’t pinch your nose, dig in around your ears, or jiggle around from being too loose. Fashionability is undoubtedly something you are concerned with, too. Well, we are pleased to represent only the finest brand names in designer eyewear today, such as Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Prada, Coach, Dior, and more. Let us help you match up your face shape to the shape of your frames, in order to compliment your appearance properly. And with a color that is ideal for your skin tone, you’re going to be very happy to show off your appearance with your new designer eyeglasses.

Schedule your visit by contacting us right now and setting up a convenient time to come in for an eye exam and to select from our Rego Park eyeglasses.

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