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Eyeglasses Kew Gardens

Unlike contact lenses, there’s no age limitation that identifies the use of eyeglasses. The reality is people get their eyeglasses from Eye Q Optical because of the need for their impaired vision. Our eye doctors have seen children as early as 4 or 5 years old wearing prescription eyeglasses. Sometimes some elderly don’t need to wear their Kew Gardens eyeglasses unless they’re reading very small print. So there’s really no minimum age as to who can wear eyeglasses.

There are so many eyeglass stores around that getting your pair will not be a hard task. But it is best to purchase your eyeglasses from the professional optometrists at Eye Q Optical located in Kew Gardens. Our eye doctors will give the proper eye examination to find the best prescription lens that will help you see better. At Eye Q Optical, we offer the best choices and best prices for Kew Gardens eyeglass selection. We have many choices for patients of all ages and those that have preference to different size, shape and colors that best suits the need of the patient.

Kew Gardens Eye Exam
Kew Gardens Eye Exam
Our licensed optometrist will give an eye examination first and then prescribe corrective eyeglass wear. In having a thorough eye examination, our optometrist can detect if there are more serious issues such as an infection, trauma or cataract that’s causing the impaired vision. Some people also visit our eye clinic in Kew Gardens when they find that their present eyeglasses are no longer effective in providing clear vision. There may be a chance that they have to resort to higher prescription eye glasses for better visual acuity. Then there are also instances where they just want a new set of eyeglasses with a different color or shape. There’s a professional optometrist at Eye Q Optical to provide the proper eye care.

After getting an eye examination at our Kew Gardens optical store, it’s better to ask questions about which eye glass, contact lens or mode of treatment would be advantageous to your situation. Not everyone has the same level of prescription eyeglasses and so it’s better not to share eye glasses with others. Instead of providing therapy, borrowing other peoples’ glasses even just for reading may even worsen your present eyesight. Corrective lens are made especially for a certain persons condition and may not be the best solution to share with a sibling or friend who also has impaired vision. These days buying eyeglasses are not expensive. There are many affordable eyeglasses at Eye Q Optical that will have a perfect fit for the patient.

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