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Eye Lenses in Rego Park

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Eyeglass Lenses in Rego Park

Whatever your vision needs are, you can depend on us at Eye Q Optical to get the ones that will suit you best. This is in addition to our outstanding array of frames to house the lenses in. Our goal is for you to have the best possible experience, from corrected vision to comfort to style, when you get our eye lenses in Rego Park.

Our optical department takes great pride in translating the prescriptions written by our eye doctor and turning them into lenses that give you sharp, clear vision. Many people do not even realize how much of a difference they make until they put them on for the first time. Sub-par or even average vision is nothing compared to seeing at the highest level you are capable of. That’s what you get with our eye lenses in Rego Park. Single vision glasses are also called monofocal. This is to say that they address either your up close vision, such as reading; or they correct your vision farther away. Bifocal, on the other hand, give you both correction for nearsightedness and farsightedness. There is a thin line that bisects the lenses horizontally. When you focus your eyes above the line, you are getting improved far vision. Below is for up close. And then if you have astigmatism, with either nearsightedness, farsightedness, or both, multifocal are the ideal type of our eye lenses in Rego Park for giving you better vision at all distances. Of course, if you already have a pair of glasses for at least a year, it’s time to come in for your annual examination. An update the existing prescription may be needed for optimal vision.

Just look for the tab at the top of our website that reads “appointments.” You can schedule a time to come in for your eye exam by using it. Or if you prefer, call us.

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