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Rego Park hard to fit contact lenses

When you need corrective eyewear but don’t want to wear glasses, you should consider getting contact lenses.  Prescription contact lenses help to correct your vision problem but unlike glasses, they’re not noticeable. If you’re considering getting contacts lenses, you should schedule an appointment at our eye center in Rego Park, Eye Q Optical.

Rego Park hard to fit contact lenses

Contact lenses require more exams than glasses do. You’ll need to get some tests done at our Eye center in Rego Park, Eye Q Optical before you can get contact lenses. The first prerequisite is a comprehensive eye exam. If you haven’t had a recent one, you’ll need to do that first. During the comprehensive eye exam, a professional eye doctor like ours at Eye Q Optical will assess your overall visual and eye health and will determine if your eyes are healthy enough to handle wearing contacts. If you’re exam goes well, your eye doctor will discuss your goals and will discuss your lifestyle with you in order to make appropriate recommendations about the types of contact lenses that would best suit you.  If you require the most comfortable lenses, then soft contacts would be appropriate. If your priority is sharp, clear vision and you choose that over comfort then hard contact lenses would be the most suitable. Extended wear contact would be good for you if you have a very busy schedule. Once your eye doctor has an idea of what you like and need, he will measure your cornea to ensure the lenses properly fit your cornea’s size and shape and that they provide you with clear vision. Our eye doctor will try different lenses until you find the ones that offer you with the best fit, comfort level and clear vision. You’ll be in great hands with our eye doctor. He’s experienced in working with hard to fit patients.

Contact Eye Q Optical to schedule your contact lens exam and fitting. One of our courteous associates at the eye center in Rego Park would be happy to assist you.