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Designer Eyewear in Rego Park

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Designer Eyewear in Rego Park
Designer Eyewear in Rego Park

The next time you go to purchase new eyeglasses and lenses you may be surprised to learn about all of the lens options currently available for you. Each lens has its own benefits. You may want to learn about the different benefits now so when you come to purchase lenses you will be prepared to know what is most important to you in an eyeglass lens. At Eye Q Optical we offer a wide variety of designer eyewear in Rego Park as well as many different eyeglass lens options.

When you come to see us at Eye Q Optical you will be assisted by our courteous and knowledgeable staff. Our owner is Derek Lindell. He along with Robert Pucillo and Tina Maharaja make up our optician staff. Dr. Katherine Gut and Dr. Yelena Babayeva are our expert optometrists who are available to perform comprehensive eye exams. At the end of your eye exam, or at the time of selecting new eyeglasses, our optician will discuss with you the many lens options that we offer to go with your new designer eyewear in Rego Park. One of the options is high-index plastic lenses that are thinner and lighter than most lenses. If your eyeglass prescription tends to call for thick lenses, and makes it impossible for you to get certain eyeglass frames, you now may be able to enjoy these frames with using high index plastic lenses.

When you get designer eyewear in Rego Park, you may also want to get progressive lenses. These lenses can have up to three different prescriptions in them. For example, if you need reading glasses, that prescription can be combined with your regular prescription in one, line-free lens. This not only makes your eyeglasses more attractive, but it also improves your vision because there are no lens lines to interfere with what you are looking at. Polycarbonate lenses were originally used as safety glasses. Polycarbonate is lighter and much more impact-resistant than other plastics. Today it is the preferred material for children’s eyewear, and for safety glasses and eyewear used in sports. Aspheric lenses offer a slimmer profile for all prescription types, and are especially useful in lenses that correct a high amount of farsightedness. Trivex lenses are thinner and lighter than plastic lenses and provide 100% protection from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. They are also quite impact resistant. Finally, we offer photochromic lenses. These lenses darken automatically when exposed to sunlight. They become clear once again when you return indoors. Generally these lenses darken to a medium tint outdoors. For more information about our lens options, speak to one of our opticians to find out if they will work for your eye prescription needs.

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