Contact lenses Rego Park

Contact Lenses Rego Park

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If you’re considering replacing your eyeglasses with prescription contact lenses, you’ll first need to get a contact lens exam to determine if contact lenses are right for you. Not everyone is a candidate for contact lenses. Fortunately, due to advances in optical technology, most people are able to get contact lenses Rego Park.

If you’re interested in getting contact lenses, you will need to see a professional optometrist, such as ours at Eye Q Optical to be evaluated. You will first have to get a comprehensive eye exam so the optometrist can determine if your eyes are healthy enough to wear them. If you’re a candidate for contact lenses Rego Park, a professional optometrist, like our at Eye Q optical will perform a contact lens exam and fitting in order to prescribe the right contacts for you that offer good vision correction, the right fit and a good comfort level. There are many different types of contacts available as options. The following are some common types of contact lenses that are available: soft contacts with options of daily wear, extended wear, disposable, and color-changing; and hard contact lenses, which are called rigid or gas permeable lenses. Hard contact lenses, also called gas permeable and rigid lenses offer sharper vision but are not as comfortable as soft contact lenses. Although having such a large selection to choose from can seem overwhelming, your professional optometrist will make your decision much easier by making recommendations about the right contact lenses for you; contact lenses that correct your vision, fit correctly, offer comfort, and fit your lifestyle.

Contact our office today to schedule your contact lenses Rego Park consultation appointment. When you come to Eye Q Optical, our experienced, knowledgeable optometrist will make sure that you receive the perfect contact lenses for you. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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